When you connect to your OBDLink® adapter for the first time, a dialog appears asking if you want to edit the settings for your vehicle, as shown below. By editing these settings, you'll get the most precise fuel economy, power, and torque estimates possible.


  Edit Vehicle Nexus 5x

Click Yes.

When you connect via the OBDLink app, the app automatically attempts to read your vehicle’s VIN and pre-populate your vehicle’s information on screen. 

IMPORTANT: In some cases, the app may not be able to read or decode the VIN. To get the full app functionality for your vehicle, you will need to manually specify your vehicle year, make, and model by tapping SELECT and choosing from the drop-down list. 


Fuel Economy

The settings in the Vehicle Editor can impact the accuracy of fuel economy calculations. The OBDLink app uses the most accurate calculation method based on the PIDs supported by your vehicle. The following items are required to properly set up each fuel calculation method. 

  • Mass air flow rate

    • Fuel Type: gasoline/petrol, E85, E100, or diesel

  • Intake manifold absolute pressure

    • Fuel Type: gasoline/petrol, E85, E100, or diesel

    • Engine Size: refer to your owner's manual for this information

    • Volumetric Efficiency (VE): the information button found to the right of this field provides guidance for typical values for VE for different engine types. It may be possible to find additional information for your vehicle online

  • Direct Fuel Rate

    • No Vehicle Editor settings are required

Power and Torque Settings

The power and torque calculations require the fuel economy settings to be configured as outlined above. Additionally, the Brake Specific Fuel Consumption field must also be configured. The information icons found to the right of these fields provide guidance on standard ranges for different engine types. It may be possible to find additional information about your vehicle online.

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